About Us

A food lover Diane a native Florida who want to stay home and cook foods first for her parents and siblings. Now she cooks for her husband and two kids who love to eat her food whatever she brings on their table. During a summer season, she creates a summer dessert cocktails and simple dessert drinks for her family. And friends during their family gathering and they love it so much. From then on she loves to create foods like dessert, main dish, and seasonal foods and desserts. She compiles all of her creation, her plan is to transfer it to her children when they grow up. But she got an idea of why not to share it with other wife and mother who want to have new food on their table.


She searches and asks her friends on how to put her food creation on the internet one suggest about making a blog. So they search on the internet how to make a blog. After research and study, they were able to publish her creation on her own site. With that, she was more inspired to create foods and desserts. Like easy beach drinks and chocolate dessert drinks for the summer season. Also, fall dessert cocktails for the autumn season and many others.


With that creation, she was able to create a cookbook that was in her site also. So people who want to have a recipe they can have it through her book. Today the book is still available with new other food recreation not only for Florida people. But also for all food lovers around the world. With a simple hobby, now it is her career that she is pursuing. And with the achievement of having her own cookbook. With this, she wants to inspire all women being a wife and a mother is not a hindrance to pursuing their dreams.